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Preference Manager for Microsoft Dynamics – General FAQ
Posted by Jacob Macdonald on 09 January 2018 10:18 PM

Preference Manager for Microsoft Dynamics – General FAQ

Why does Preference Manager require a password?

To protect your contact’s data and to comply with various data protection laws.


How can management see if people are signing up to receive content via the Preference Manager?

Concep provides a Preference Manager dashboard with our installation package that will track all new subscribers to the content on your Preference Manager. This dashboard can be shared by Marketing with whomever they think will find it useful.


Can I have the emails sent by Preference Manager coming from my own domain?

Yes. We strongly recommend clients to use their domain as it helps your contacts to easily identify that the double opt-in and reset password emails are coming from your firm.


For Preference Manager, what type of marketing list should I use for my email campaigns?

Concep recommends the use of dynamic marketing list with Preference Manager. The reason for this is dynamic lists will automatically update any time a contact updates their personal communications preferences.


Does Preference Manager work with static lists?

Yes. As a static list, it will require manual manipulation to keep it updated, but preference fields can be easily queried in Microsoft Dynamics.

Your Microsoft partner will be best positioned to help you determine which processes will work best for you.


How do I keep users from changing contacts preferences?

Each company has it owns data management rules and the preferences changing should become part of these rules. We have listed two ideas to prevent users from changing your contacts’ preferences:

  1. Have the preference fields to be read only fields on the contact records. This will mean these fields can only be updated by your contact through Preference Manager.
  2. Establish two fields for each preference. One field will be managed by Preference Manager and the other will be managed by your internal team including partners and secretaries. Please note you will need to ensure that the two lists are de-duped against each other before sending on specified content.


How do I set up workflows to ensure when people sign up to receive specific content from my company, they are added to the correct list?

By using dynamic lists your contacts will be automatically added to the right list.


How do I ensure management can see the preferences their contacts select?

Your CRM team should add the preference fields on the contact form. This will allow other users to see the preferences their contacts have opted for.

One thing to keep in mind is that you may need to separate this information in its own form or section for your contact records depending on the number of preferences your firm has.

You can find a brief guide on how to do it here.


What happens if I need to update the content on my Preference Manager pages?

You will need to contact Concep who can work with you on changing Preference Manager to match your new requirements.


How does Preference Manager double opt-in work?

When a new contact sign-up to Preference Manager, it sends a double opt-in email to the email address provided and holds the sign-up details. Once the contact clicks on the confirmation link in the email Preference Manager pushes the contact details into Microsoft Dynamics. 


What is the Primary Key used by Preference Manager to map contacts preferences?

Preference Manager uses the contact’s email address to map their updates to Microsoft Dynamics CRM.


What contact information is kept in Preference Manager?

Only email address and password (both encrypted).


What happens when a contact tries to sign up for Preference Manager but his/her email address already exists in CRM?

Preference Manager will stop the sign-up, alerting the contact that the email address already exists in the database. The contact is then asked to go through the recover password process.

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