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Knowledgebase: Concep Alert
Alert - Frequently Asked Questions
Posted by Jeremy Hutchinson on 24 November 2017 05:11 PM

Can I send from different Profiles in the Send account?

No - Alert will use the primary Profile to send the email, so this profile will need to be edited if you want to send from a different name or email address.


Can the subject line for the Alert be customised?

Yes - The default subject line will be the name of the blog, but this can be changed if specified.


What do I need for my RSS feed?

There are 5 required tags in the RSS feed for each article. They are:





The synopsis of the article without formatting


The unique identifier for the article


Contains the URL of the online article


A date indicating when the article was published. The date must conform to RFC 822 formatting.


<pubDate>Wed, 02 Oct 2002 13:00:00 GMT</pubDate> 

<pubDate>Wed, 02 Oct 2002 15:00:00 +0200</pubDate> 


The name of the channel similar to the title of a website or web page.


If I publish multiple articles in a day on single blog, will an Alert be sent for each article?

No - Alert stores all the articles published in the given interval and compiles them into one email.


If I change the category for my article after it’s posted to one that won’t be included in an Alert, will Alert not include this article in the email?

As long as the change is made at least 1 hour before your daily alert is scheduled to be sent, the article won’t be included.


How late can an article be published and still included in the daily Alert?

It is advised that you publish an article a minimum of 1 hour before the scheduled sending time for it to be included. The times and schedules vary from client to client, so it is best to check with your account manager for more precise information.


Can I change the publication time of an article and still have it pulled through into an Alert?

This is not recommended, changing the publication time of your article will alter the RSS feed data and may cause your Alert email to include an incorrect timestamp or for the article to be missed altogether.


I changed the article title after I posted the article. Will Alert include the correct title in the email?

As long as the change is made at least 1 hour before your daily alert is scheduled to be sent, the correct title will be shown.


Is the time of send for my Alert affected when we set the clocks back/forward?

Yes – please contact your Account Manager ahead of the clocks changing and we will make the necessary adjustment.


Can I manually push out Alerts once they have gone live?

No, as this is not what Alert is used for. Alert is intended to be the automatic distribution of your blog content without the need to manually create and send out an email campaign.

If you want to push a piece of content out manually the best idea would be to build a campaign yourself featuring the text from the blog. This way it will appear to be different to the usual Alert campaign.


Can the template be customised?

Yes - to an extent. The template provided pulls through the standard details from the RSS feed; Title, Publication Date, Description and Read More link. Additional items such as Images or Author can be added, but would require additional work to adjust the template. If you’d like to add these items, please contact your Account Manager.


If someone new subscribes to the blog, can they receive all previous content?

No - The Alert is set up so that it will look for content that is one day old and be sent daily.


If I decide to take an article down, will the Alert still be sent?

As long as the article is removed more than an hour before the Alert is scheduled to run, the Alert will not be sent.



If I change the article after it's been published, will these changes be reflected in the Alert?

Our Alert only shows the title, date and a quick summary of the article, so you can make any changes you want to these items up to one hour before their Alert is scheduled to run.


It is possible to permanently block weekend automation deployment, so any content posted at the weekend is sent on Monday instead?

No - Alert is designed to run daily by default and will pick up the content from the previous day. You should control this in your CMS so that the publication of blog articles happens at least an hour before the Monday alert is due to run.


Can we make templates mobile responsive?

Yes, to an extent. Please speak to your Account Manager to discuss this.

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